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FAQ / 09/13/2008

Q: Can your DVDs be played in an UK DVD player?

A. Yes, they are all compatitable for region one and region two.


Q: Do you ship worldwide?
A. Yes, we do. But there are a few remote locations that EMS can not reach.

Q: Is there any Customs Duty I need to pay?
A. No, there is no import customs duty on all of our products. We will declare this as “GIFT”, so there will be no duty to pay.

Q: What caused the delay of my item?
A. Maybe it’s because of the remote location or your address. So be sure that the address you provide us when placing the order is correct. Contact number makes it easier for prompt delivery.

Q: Do you accept other payment?
A. We accept VISA Credit/Debit Card. And Western Union is also acceptable.

Q: Do you provide other shipping method?
A.  We only provide Express Mail Service shipping service.

Q: Do you provide drop shipping service?

A. Yes, we do. Please confirm the shipping address with us.

Q: Is there any discount
A. Yes, there is. To become our registered member you can get a discount as below according to your score (1USD = 1 Score).


Q: Can your DVDs be played in an UK DVD player?
A. Yes, they are all compatitable for region one and region two.


Q: How long does the delivery take?
A. It will be 4-5 days of delivery period to US, and 5-7 days to UK.

Q: Order can’t be received by the estimated delivery date?
A. If you order does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, it may be lost. Orders shipped via a traceable method (such as USPS, Parcelforce.Chronpost.) will have tracking information available in . Please check this information if available and read through the following options:
Tracking information indicates the package has been delivered: Please check with your neighbors or family members. Packages are occasionally left with neighbors, a building manager, or are placed somewhere relatively safe such as your porch, garage, or even behind bushes.
Tracking information indicates the package is undeliverable: If the package is being returned to us, or if the address is incorrect, contact us for more information on undeliverable packages.
No tracking information available: If you can't locate any tracking or delivery information about your package, please contact us. Please confirm the correct shipping address when writing to us about lost packages.

Q: Package or products broken when received ?
A. In case the package was damaged obviously when arrived. Please deny the parcel and contact us in a hurry.

Q: How can I do payment by Western Union?
A. Bring your cash to any Western Union agency nearby you, money arrived in 1-2days. Suitable for large order payment. Western Union is recognized for sending money quickly, reliably, and conveniently. You do not need to have bank account or credit card, just bring your cash go to one of 245,000 Agent nearest to you, pay some fees, and we will receive your payment within 1-2day mostly. More information about Western Union, please visit

Q: Is there any guidelines for Credit Card payment?
A. Yes, we have. For proper credit card verification, the billing address on your order must match the billing address on your credit card. Please make sure that your name and address appears exactly the same as the name on your credit card billing statement.
If your card has a security code it must be entered correctly on the payment screen.
You may see a hold of $1 on your bank statement after your transaction or credit card was not authorized in the online store. The online store needs to authorize at least this amount to process your payment request. This is not a fee and you will not be charged this amount.
If you are using a corporate card, check with the card holder or your Accounting department to verify the name and billing address of the card holder. Corporate card orders must also use the name of the card holder in the billing address, and not the purchaser, in order to process the order successfully.
If you continue to have problems, please contact Customer Service. Remember that your credit card will not be charged until the product is actually shipped.