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Wholesale Service / 12/01/2011

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Wholesale Service -- Drop Shipping

Wholesale Service Drop Shipping is now available at Online Drama DVD -

What is Drop Shipping you say?
Drop Shipping gives you the ability to purchase through our website and we have the order shipped directly to a designated address (customer) as selected by you when your order is placed.

Any reference to our website in terms of the marketing material or packaging will not be included and as usual we will only send out an invoice to your email address provided once the order is dispatched.

It's as simple as ticking a box and entering the address that you want the order shipped to. All you need to do is contact us to set up the service and 30 seconds later you'll be able to choose where you want your order delivered.

Drop Shipping is very helpful if you have your own eBay business or it is a great way to start up your own budding enterprise.

Benefits include:
    1.Save time and money as you do not have to store, pick and ship products
    2.Start your own business with very little risk
    3.You don't have to carry stock, meaning you can offer a broader range
    4.You can set your own prices

So why choose Done Dirt Cheap DVD for Drop shipping?
Armed with over twenty years's worth of experience in the movie industry, not only do we provide consumers with a fantastic selection of movies, we do so at unbeatable prices. You'll find it all at Done Dirt Cheap DVD, from mainstream movie marvels to more obscure films and a huge range of TV titles. You won't find a DVD retailer that's capable of servicing its customers better.

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