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  • lynette.corcoran:feeds of user commentedMad Men Season 7 DVD Box Set-FREE SHIPPING (04/11/2015 10:01:51)5
  • Loved the series as a whole, and eagerly awaited the release of each season on DVD so we can watch again.
  • gingercat:feeds of user commentedSleepy Hollow Season 2 DVD Boxset-FREE SHIPPING (04/11/2015 10:00:35)5
  • yuushi:feeds of user commentedHouse of Cards Seasons 1-3 DVD Boxset-FREE SHIPPING (04/11/2015 09:58:54)5
  • I loved this series when it was on and this was the last one I needed to buy to have the set. I don't buy many TV shows anymore, but this was one of the best series.
  • petergood:feeds of user commentedWhite Collar Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set-FREE SHIPPING (04/11/2015 09:52:41)5
  • My only wish is that season 6 was more than 6 episodes. Loved how it ended.
  • Leland:feeds of user commentedWhite Collar Season 6 DVD Box Set Final Season-FREE SHIPPING (24/09/2015 04:43:04)5
  • This season is actually for the fans and the story. White Collar was cancelled after season 5. However the final episode is Season 5 has Neal being kidnapped with a bag thrown over head. There have been shows in the past where the network exec's just let it go, the guys at White Collar fought to get an extension to close the plotline. These 6 episodes are it. Discs have good production value. Clear images and no skips.
  • mckinlay:feeds of user commentedCastle Season 7 DVD Boxset-FREE SHIPPING (24/09/2015 04:37:02)5
  • Character development has progressed well in Castle season 7. Love affair between the two has finally matured beyond the teasing and petulance of early scripts. Cast harmony and balance provide much more convincing depth to the story lines, punctuated by more believable and fresher humor delivery.
  • andy:feeds of user commentedSuits Complete Season 4 DVD Box Set-FREE SHIPPING (24/09/2015 04:32:44)5
  • In my opinion Suits is the best drama on television today. I have spent more than 40 years in the television industry on the network side (10 years with Program Practices at CBS and 30 years in Broadcast Standards at ABC) and this is the ONE television series which I will not miss. Everything works - the actors are perfectly cast and excellent in their roles, the characters are well differentiated, the stories are interesting and fast paced and often take surprising turns - all of which keeps the series fresh. All in all, it is obvious that everyone involved in the production (both in front of and behind the camera) is giving 110% to make this an enjoyable and satisfying entertainment experience.
  • mredneck:feeds of user commentedSleepy Hollow Season 2 DVD Boxset-FREE SHIPPING (24/09/2015 04:26:12)5
  • Sleepy Hollow is a fantastic show, I bought season 1 on DVD and watched it nonstop from beginning to end, I am looking forward to Sleepy Hollow Season 3 in September 2015.
  • kaljeanette:feeds of user commentedSuits Complete Season 4 DVD Box Set-FREE SHIPPING (12/09/2015 05:01:05)5
  • My husband got me hooked on this series..can't wait for this season to be free on Amazon Prime. Season 4 has 16 episodes, but only 10 were aired so far. The last 6 will be in 2015, then season 5 as well.
  • Chatterson:feeds of user commentedTyrant Season 1 DVD Boxset-FREE SHIPPING (01/09/2015 09:34:04)5
  • I bought this DVD up out of sheer curiosity and I am so glad. This is a unique family drama about the 2 sons of a middle eastern dictator and their wives and children.

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